Establish a community hub

Presently, REEL operates two community learning hubs: Agbado E-learning hub in Agbado and Bethany E-learning hub, Ijoko, Ogun State.


REEL’s Mission

Our Mission is to establish learning hubs for children in undeserved communities that will help them improve their literacy skills via reading and information technology. By establishing community learning hubs, REEL is increasing access to quality learning resources to support the education of children within low socio-economic groups so that they can enhance their knowledge and skills and grow to lead successful and productive lives.

Our School

Facilities and Organizations

Presently, REEL operates two community learning hubs: Agbado E-learning hub in Agbado and Bethany E-learning hub, Ijoko, Ogun State. At the hubs, participants receive free tutelage to learn and improve their learning and reading skills; leveraging technology tools e.g. kindles and the internet thereby creating learning experience similar to what their privileged counterparts in other climes have easy access to.

  • Children who visit the centre learn to use digital tools such as laptops/tablets; a privilege that is rare in their homes & schools
  • The hub also functions as a community library : members are allowed to borrow books (both print and e-readers) for a specified period
  • After the 6 weeks, they become registered members of the hub and have continuous access to the hub’s learning resources.


Agbado E-Learrning Hub
In August 2014, REEL opened its first Community Learning Hub in Agbado, an underserved community in Southwest Nigeria where over 60% of the residents fall within the low socio economic group.  To date, over 500 children in Agbado and its environs have benefitted directly and indirectly from resources and learning activities at Agbado E-Learning Hub. In the first two years of operation, the huboperated from a church owned property, however via grants received, the hub has now moved to a permanent location within St. Peters Anglican Primary School, Agbado –Oke aro.

Over 30 pupils of the host school congregate daily for the programmeme and another group (Averages of 30 children) regularly visit on Fridays and Saturdays to borrow books, play educational games and improve their digital literacy skills. Some of our other successes at Agbado E-Learning Hub include

  • Scholarship to cover tuition for two members of the hub for the remaining two years of primary school.
  • Invitation by a neighbouring community, Aro-Lambo to train interested persons in preparation for the establishment of a community learning hub.
Bethany E-Learning Hub
As of January 2018, REEL collaborated with Bethany Academy International, Ijoko, Ogun State to open a community learning hub within the school premises.  To date, we have provided five (5) tablets, chess and scrabble games as well as 50 print books to kickstart learning activities at the hub.

We believe in collaboration as such our expansion drive is hinged on an effective  partnership with individuals, CBOs, schools etc. who are passionate about quality learning in their communities and have capacity to establish and operate a Community E-Learning Hub. Using our learnings and experience with the pilot hub, Agbado E-Learning Hub, we have created a model that can be easily replicated in other communities in Nigeria similar to Agbado.

Implementation of Community Education Development Projects/Programmes

We partner with communities where we operate to implement small projects/programmes that enhance learning and development for children in the community

  • We planned and implemented the first ever community spelling bee and Games competition for schools in Agbado and its Environs. See here report of the event.
  • We worked with one of the traditional rulers in Abia State to implement a quiz and debate competition for junior and senior secondary school students within and around Abia State environs. The goal is to foster unity within the communities ,encourage education development and access within the state.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project Implementation

To ensure sustainability as an organisation, we do education consulting and project management for organisations that are looking for competent hands to handle their CSR activities in the Education sector.